How I work 

Step 1. Initial Consultation


The process often begins with an initial consultation. During this conversation, we discuss your vision, goals, and requirements. This is the time to clarify the purpose of the photos, such as whether it's for personal portraits, family pictures, an event, or commercial purposes.



Step 2. Planning and conceptualization


Based on your input, I plan the shoot. This includes selecting locations, props, and outfits (in the case of portrait photography).


For commercial shoots, I can suggest / find a team member to develop a creative concept and storyboard if it's necessary.



Step 3. Scheduling and Logistics


We agree on a date, time, and location for the shoot. Choosing the right location for your photoshoot is essential to create the perfect atmosphere.


Any necessary permits or permissions are obtained if shooting in public spaces or private properties.


I also prepare my equipment, ensuring I have the right cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories. If there are needs in extra equipment, I inform you about it.



Step 4. Booking and payment


A deposit of 30% is required to guarantee your booking. The remaining balance is due on the day of the photoshoot. Ask me about available payment methods.


Deposit is not returnable, but you can reschedule the photoshoot once. In case of cancellation less than 24 hours in advance or non-attendance at the photoshoot, the deposit will not be refunded.


By booking a shoot from me, you confirm that you have checked my portfolio, and you will get photos of you in my personal editing style.


Some photos used for my portfolio. In case of confidentiality, notify in advance, please. Shooting price +€30.


Additionally, paid:

- travelling costs out from Rotterdam  (Amsterdam +€40 / other locations - on request)

- rent of locations

- make-up artist / stylist service



Step 5. On the Day of the Shoot


On the scheduled day, we meet at the chosen location. A maximum of 15 minutes late is allowed. If you are more than 15 minutes late, I have the right to reduce the photo session time


If it's a portrait session, I guide you on posing and provides direction to capture the desired look and emotions. For events or commercial shoots, I capture moments or scenes according to the predetermined plan.



Step 6. Post-Processing


After the photo shoot, I transfer the images to a computer for post-processing. This step involves selecting the best shots, adjusting colors, exposure, and cropping, as well as retouching to enhance the final images.


Step 7. Editing and Delivery


Work on photos takes about 5 work days (exclude weekends). If the photos are needed urgently, we can discuss and agree on the terms for you.


All photos will have basic editing (color correction, exposure adjustments, etc.). After images will be delivered to you by personal online gallery for you to select photos to retouch (numbers depends on your package)


The final edited photos will be delivered within 3 works days after you complete your selection.


Raw or unedited photos will not be provided. The exception is commercial shoots.


Step 8. Feedback


I will be glad, if you could take a few moments to share your feedback after work with me. To leave your feedback, please check the end of your gallery page and follow the simple instructions there. 

By booking photo shoot, you accept all conditions